Author: Anton Valentin

The Right Way to Clean With Bleach in Your Home

When you walk through your local grocery store, you’ll find an entire aisle full of home cleaning products. Every product claims to do something different and vital and highly specific. But your grandparents might have had it right. Bleach is an old-fashioned remedy that can help you clean just about everything inside and outside of […]

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Three Simple Cleaning Agents for Jewelries

Jewelries are among the precious properties that most of us need to take care and keep. This is true especially for genuine and valuable jewelries like gold, silver and diamonds. So many ways are there for you to choose how to clean these precious belongings for it to last longer than its actual lifespan. There […]

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How to Get Wax Out of Your Carpet

Since we are well into the winter season, burning candles is the norm in most homes. For those of you who burn candles every day it’s not uncommon to spill candle wax. If this has happened to you and the spilled wax has landed on a hard surface, consider yourself lucky, as this is easy […]

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