How to Prevent Hot Water Cylinder Theft?

Are you aware of the fact that hot water cylinder is theft prone? Well, it is true. It might sound like a joke to many. But it is not a joke at all. Hot water cylinder thefts happen all the time. Numbers will tell you that hot water cylinder thefts are on the rise.

Why thieves target hot water cylinder?

  • When it comes to hot water cylinder thefts happen across the country, we can see that older low pressure hot water cylinder units are mainly targeted.
  • It happens because copper is really valuable in the market. It will fetch you good price. The old models are made of copper and that explains everything.
  • Copper fetches more price than steel when it comes to merchants who buy scrap metal.
  • And that is exactly why old models of hot water cylinder is getting stolen a lot.

Theft isn’t the only problem

You might assume that theft is the only issue here. You are wrong. There are other problems at stake here. When it comes to the thieves they are in a hurry to leave and they don’t care about the kind of damage they leave behind. They usually rip or saw the pipes to get hold of hot water cylinder. The cylinder drain left on the force may cause flood. It will also leave tremendous damage in plumbing. You will have to get the immediate help of a plumber to clear the mess. This is the biggest problem associated with cylinder thefts. So it is really important to make sure that it doesn’t happen to you.

Old homes

Yes, old homes which have been under renovation are the primary targets. Also, the houses which are not occupied are also the targets. These houses tend to have an old model of hot water cylinder. If the occupants are holidaying somewhere then it becomes an easy target for thieves. Thieves target these soft targets. So you need to make sure that your house doesn’t look like it is unoccupied in the first place if you don’t wish to attract the attention of the thieves. But thanks to the rampant thefts across the country, you need to show your ID before selling copper in the market to the scrap metal dealer. This has made difficult for thieves to sell it. But they can still sell it in a black market somewhere. Even though measurements have been taken to prevent it from happening, it continues to happen.

Protecting yourself

You can actually protect yourself from hot water cylinder thefts. First and foremost, you need to make the property look occupied. Even in your absence, the house look occupied. You can ask a friend to clear your letterbox on a regular basis. You can leave an old car in the parkway to create an impression that there is someone in the house. Or you can turn on few lights so that it looks lit at night. This will keep the thefts away. If you are little careful, then you can surely protect yourself from hot water cylinder theft.

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