Three Simple Cleaning Agents for Jewelries

Jewelries are among the precious properties that most of us need to take care and keep. This is true especially for genuine and valuable jewelries like gold, silver and diamonds. So many ways are there for you to choose how to clean these precious belongings for it to last longer than its actual lifespan. There are also a lot of different cleaning products sole invented for different types of jewelries. Silver for example have distinct cleaning solutions than gold and diamond. However, you do not need to buy those expensive commercial jewelry cleaning solutions. This is because there are a lot of simple products in your kitchen that you can use to clean and restore the brilliance of your precious jewelries. Here are three simple cleaning agents for all types of jewelries:

1. Toothpaste – this is probably the most common household product used by many to clean their precious jewelries. True enough it has been proven real effective in restoring the brilliance of jewelries regardless of its kind. You can use toothpaste on either gold or silver jewelry pieces. You just need to brush it gently, rinse and tap dry. As easy as one, two and three it cleanses your jewelries real quick and easy.

2. Liquid soap – just like toothpaste this product also has the cleaning properties for different types of jewelries. This is why a lot of households found the need to use this in getting back the radiance and brilliance of all jewelry pieces they have in their position.

3. Vinegar and baking soda – you might think vinegar can harm your jewelry but it is actually not the case. In fact it is now among the many common households used for cleaning jewelry pieces. It goes along well with baking soda. You must not hesitate to try it on any of your jewelries.

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