How to Get Wax Out of Your Carpet

Since we are well into the winter season, burning candles is the norm in most homes. For those of you who burn candles every day it’s not uncommon to spill candle wax. If this has happened to you and the spilled wax has landed on a hard surface, consider yourself lucky, as this is easy to remove (wait until the wax cools and hardens, then break the wax off the surface). But removing wax from carpets is a very different story; out of all the things to accidentally get on your carpet, wax is one of the worst. Not only does wax solidify very quickly, but it also tends to be greasy and oily. You need to be very cautious when removing wax, because removing it incorrectly could either cause it to spread or cause damage to your carpet.

Don’t Touch the Hot Wax
The first impulse most people have is to try to remove the wax as quickly as possible. In truth, however, this usually just spreads the liquid across your carpet. A better solution is to wait until the wax has cooled entirely. Then the wax will be relegated to a certain area of the carpet rather than spread over the surface. Touching the hot wax can also break the natural surface tension of the wax and potentially force it down deeper into the carpet. If you have a particularly thick carpet, allowing the wax to cool could mean that it doesn’t penetrate the carpet at all.

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