Why Never to Use Citrus Cleaners on Sink and Drains

Cleaning and unclogging sinks and drains are among the most common household chores that a lot of housewives and housekeepers need to deal with so often. It is a good thing to note that there are now so many different products to help make the task a lot easier and a bit faster too compared to manual way of addressing the issue. Apart from the common cleaning solutions that are now readily available in the market there are also many household ingredients that can be used for the said purpose. There are also common ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen which can also be used to clean and unclog sinks and drains. However citrus cleaners and fresh fruits should never be among those. Here are some important reasons why:

• It is acidic – citrus fruits and even citrus scented cleaning solutions surely contain a certain percentage of acid in them. Regardless of its volume, the acid in the cleaning solutions can pose hazards to your sink and drains. It is therefore important that you keep them away from your sink and drains.

• Can cause damage to metals – you need to remember that the acid in citrus fruits and citrus scents of cleaning solutions is more than enough to cause damage to metals like your sink and drains. Hence cleaning solutions with this kind of scents should never be used to clean or unclog these parts of the kitchen.

• Corrodes sinks and drains – as earlier mentioned the acid in citrus fruits and citrus scented cleaning products are more than enough reason to create rust in your metal sink and drains. Once rust and dirt accumulate in the sink and drains it can surely make the metal deteriorate and eventually breaks. For these reasons you should stop the habit of using those kinds of cleaners in this part of the kitchen.

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