Spring Cleaning Backyard Checklist

How many times have you “forgotten” or conveniently “put off” your Spring cleaning chores in the backyard? Not this time around! Spring cleaning will be a breeze with this handy dandy checklist to remind you of all of those easy to forget areas.

1. Inspect Fencing and Outdoor Structures
Walk by every inch of fencing around your house looking for rotting wood, broken boards, leaning points, or holes beneath the soil. This is especially pertinent if you have pets in the backyard. In the same fashion, inspect your outdoor structure for any signs of decay or support/foundation issues. We’ll show you how to deal with common backyard pests in #6.

2. Gutters
The winter rainy season has most likely washed leaves, sticks, branches, and who knows what else into your gutters. Make sure that there is nothing obstructing the flow of water. This will make your gutter last longer and prevent any drainage issues around your house next season.

3. Cob Webs
Clean underneath the eaves of your roof with a cobweb duster. Halloween is over so you won’t miss all those little guys hanging around the house.

4. Trash Cans
This one might sound odd but a clean trash bin can work wonders in the backyard. Not only will it improve cleanliness around the home, it will help eliminate the odor that comes from old trash cans. It’s best to incorporate this into your Spring cleaning checklist before the odor becomes unbearable and is hard to get rid of.

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