How to Clean Glass and Mirrors During Summer Season

Cleaning mirrors, glass windows, shower stalls, and glass furniture is often a challenging and frustrating task.
Glass windows and mirrors easily collect dust, and it can become very irritating when you want to look at your garden, view the how to clean glass and mirrorscity from your high rise apartment, or enjoy the views of the ocean. This is especially true when you have guests, and you want to impress them with the great view from your house or apartment.

On a daily basis we come across many different commercial products which are specific for cleaning mirrors and glass, and claim instant results. However, most of us want to eliminate harsh chemicals from our homes, spend less time and money on cleaning supplies, and simplify the procedure.You can achieve all this when it comes to cleaning windows and mirrors by simply using microfibre cloths. They are made of 100 percent polyester or a blend of polyester and polyamide (nylon). This makes them an ideal fabric for cleaning.

microfibre_clothThe main advantage of microfibre cloths is that they do not require the use of any chemicals, leave no lint, but still make your glass surfaces and windows clean and blissful.

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