Organised Family’s Magic Trick for Cleaning

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it. We know for a fact that in today’s fast paced world, finding time for oneself is also difficult let alone finding time for cleaning the house. Our lives have become immensely busy in the hustle bustle of end number of activities. And in case we do find time for cleaning, the long list of cleaning stuff is just never ending and it’s almost impossible to complete the whole task in that limited time. But there’s a solution for everything right?

We bring you the basic list of things to be done on a daily basis to keep the house running smoothly. Check out the list;
• Accounting chores – bill paying and bank deposits
• Menus and meals – grocery shopping and clean dishes
• Laundry – clean clothing that is necessary
• Home management – cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms once in a week

So one can keep a check list for Everyday
• Tidy kitchen
• Family time for pick up
• Running single laundry, folding it and putting away

Checklist for Every week
• Review pay bills and checkbook
• Grocery shopping of course!
• Vacuuming the living areas
• Cleaning bathrooms!

Also assigning a particular work to the particular member of the house would do wonders in saving your time and getting the work done smoothly. All you have to do is simplify your daily duty and don’t think of it as havoc.
From mopping to mini- vacuuming everything will be done right if you just set a particular day and time for it. Honestly things seem difficult when you just sit and day dream of cleaning and that’s when you end up doing nothing. . Just take a trip down that cleaning aisle and things would turn out just fine.
That’s pretty much the secret of a busy yet an organised family.

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