How To Clean Your Sink and Garbage Disposal Naturally

One of the hardest working appliances in your kitchen is the garbage disposal.However, it can also be easy to be forgotten when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. The following are ways you can clean your garbage disposal with a few simple DIY green cleaning recipes and general maintenance tips.

A. Drop 8-12 ice cubes into the garbage disposal then run cold water with the garbage disposal turned on. Do this until the ice has cleared. That will aid in sharpening the blades, break up any grease build-up, and dislodge small food particles.

B. Make a paste by combining water with baking soda then take a small toothbrush or scrub brush and scrub the flaps that are around the neck of the disposal.

C. Plug the disposal then fill the sink ¾ with cool water. Add a cup of vinegar with dish soap. Allow the mixture to sit for several minutes then empty the sink and the water until it has all cleared out.

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