Get Clean of Harsh Chemicals by Natural Remedies

It’s not fair that you go miles to look for organic food for your family and end up cooking it in the most unsafe place. Your kitchen might be filled with chemicals that are harsh and toxin filled. Your focus must be on the products used for commercial cleaning as it can cause adverse reaction on one’s health. It is definitely a concern that is valid for homes. Nevertheless, there are ways that are equally effective when it comes to cleaning the kitchen stuff, without using harsh chemicals.

Natural and Easy Cleaner – Citrus vinegar is a cleaning agent that leaves your home smelling fresh and beautiful. Take a jar of glass and put some peels of citrus inside it, cover it with vinegar and let it sit for almost 2 weeks. Pour the solution in the spray bottle and holla, it can be easily sprayed on windows, glasses, bathrooms, countertops and even floors for natural cleaning.

Neat that cutting board – Yes, cutting board can cause germs to enter your stomach if not cleaned properly since you cut all kinds of things on it, be it meat or vegetables. Thankfully, it can be done easily with some salt and lemon. Sprinkle some salt and lemon on it, let it settle and then rinse it with water followed by wiping it with a clean cloth and it’s done. No chemicals needed.

Cleaning the drain with unexpected solutions – Yes the sink can cause you real trouble at times. But to get rid of the clog one must just make use of vinegar and baking soda. Toss the soda in little vinegar and let bubbles form, put it into the drain and eventually run the hot water down in it. Amazingly easy, isn’t it?
So it’s really time you stop the use of chemicals and go all ninja on the natural stuff, the nature has blessed you with.

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